Varanasi City
General Facts About Varanasi

Varanasi : General Facts About Varanasi

General Facts About Varanasi

Languages Spoken:
Hindi, Sanskrit and English
STD Code:
About 14 lakh.
Distance From:
65 km
40 km
10 km
180 km

Caution for Tourists:

  • Beware of touts that pose as 'Pundits' on the Ghats to extract money from the devotees to perform religious ceremonies.
  • Check for fare and the route before hiring a rickshaw and auto to move around in the city.
  • Beware of agents between the buyers and sellers of handicraft items.
  • Incidents of snatching and pick pocketing have been heard in the temples so take care that you keep your valuables in hotel itself.
  • Arms and ammunitions are not allowed inside the temples for security reasons, especially in the Kashi Viswanath temple or Gyanvapi Mosque.