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The Dhamekh Stupa at Sarnath is one of the most important Buddhist attractions of Sarnath.

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Dhamekh Stupa

The Dhamekh Stupa is the most remarkable and massive structure at Sarnath. Built partly in stone and partly in brick, the Dhamekh Stupa is 28 meter in diameter at the base and 43.6 meter in height. The stone facing the lower part is decorated with delicate floral carvings of Gupta period. Dhamekh Stupa has a particular significance at Sarnath as it signifies the place where buddha delivered his first sermon. The present name Dhamekh proves that it certainly has some connection with Buddha's Dharma. According to the Archaeologists, the Dhameka might have been the Stupa built by Ashoka to mark the spot where Lord Buddha preached the Dharmachakrapravartana (set in motion the wheel of law) for the first time to his five disciples.