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Kaushambi, near modern Allahabad was an important center of Buddhism in ancient times.

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Kaushambi has been a great center of Buddhist culture and heritage. In ancient times Kaushambi was an important seat of Buddhist learning and the remains of various monuments bear testimony to this fact. The capital of the ancient Matsya kingdom was in Kaushambi during the time of Lord Buddha. It is about 57 km away from modern Allahabad. In ancient times it was known as Kosam. Kaushambi, which is reminiscent of Buddhist culture, is now into ruins but lot can be read into the great past of the place. The 6 km expanse of Parikshit's fort is now extinct. In the 4 BC, the great Mauryan emperor, Ashoka, had built two pillars in Kaushambi. One of these pillars now is in Allahabad fort and the other is in a dilapidated condition in Kaushambi. In Buddhist scriptures and ancient Indian literature we find mention of a Buddhist Vihara (Ghositaram Vihara) but unfortunately no trace of the Ghositaram Vihara is present now.