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Vindhyachal, associated with Goddess Durga, is an important religious and tourist attraction around Varanasi.

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Vindhyachal is an important attraction around Varanasi. Vindhyachal is one of most important Shaktipeeths. It is believed that Goddess Durga had established herself here after having killed the demon king Mahishasura. Thus, Goddess Durga is also known by the name of Vindhyavasini in this area. In the latter years, the goddess had also defeated Shumbha and Nishumbha. Apart from its Mythological relevance, Vindhyachal is known for its beautiful natural surroundings.

Sitakund is one of the popular attractions at Vindhyachal. It is said that when Sri Ram, Sita and Lakshman were returning home after their exile, Sita became very thirsty at this place. Since water was not easily available, Lakshman pierced an arrow and immediately a fountain of water came out. In memory of Ram, Sita and Lakshman and Goddess Durga a temple was constructed. One can quench his/her thirst here at the Sitakund. After climbing 48 steps to the Sita Kund the track leads to another low hillock, where the Ashtabhuja Temple is situated.

Near to the Ashtabhuja temple, there is another cave temple with a narrow path. The cave roof is so low that one has to bow down to have a glimpse of the subterranean Goddess Kali. Besides these temples there are many more temples at Vindhyachal. There are also the Brahmakund and Agastyakund whose waters are very sacred and it is believed that bathing in these water can relieve one of his/her sins. Besides, there is also an Ashram of Anandamayee Ma.